Why Is Baptism Such a “Hot Topic” for the Church?

When you are looking to understand the history of the Church (Christianity in general), you are probably going to notice that there are many factors involved in its history. For many people who were not raised in church, it can be strange to try and understand what some of these things mean for people who consider themselves Christian.

One such thing is baptism. If you ask a group of Christians what they believe about baptism, you will likely get a lot of answers based on their denomination and what their belief background is. Why is this such a hot topic and why is it always discussed? Here are four of the big reasons.

  1. Jesus himself was baptized

When you read through the Bible, you will find that a couple of the Gospels mention that Jesus went to John the Baptist (his cousin) to be baptized. Christians are constantly seeking to follow in Jesus’s footsteps, and baptism is just one of the ways in which we are able to connect with our Savior by literally doing what it is that He did.

  1. Baptism is mentioned in the Great Commission

After His Resurrection, Jesus sent the disciples out, telling them to preach to all of the Nations, “baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19, NIV).”

Since many Christians believe that the Great Commission is something meant for all Christians to follow, those same Christians also believe that baptism is something that we are all meant to do to and for future believers.

  1. The Catholic Church (which was one of the first churches) considers it a Sacrament

The Catholic Church states that they are the church that was started by Saint Peter, who had been told by Christ that he would be a cornerstone of the church. Saint Peter is considered to be the first Pope, and therefore, the Catholic Church is also believed to be the first church to be formed. The Catholic Church has a number of Sacraments which are important for membership in the church and salvation, and baptism is one of those Sacraments.

  1. Everyone looks at it differently

Different denominations of Christianity have been formed for many reasons, but one of those reasons is because of issues like baptism. What does it mean, when should it be done, and how should it be performed? Talking with people about these ideas and working out what matters most with it can end up in debate, but finding your own beliefs in regards to it can be very beneficial to you as a believer, too.

Baptism is something that is constantly going to be discussed within the church and, as a result, people will always disagree on what its significance may be. In short, baptism is a vital part of church doctrine and should be discussed, and it is what each individual believes it is, allowing people to discover their own connection with Jesus and God the Father.

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