What Tenants of Christianity Are Appealing to Me?

As a believer, there are a lot of things about Christians that can be frustrating, but Christianity as a faith is appealing, intriguing, and draws me in ever closer on a regular basis. Because of that, I’m constantly seeking out ways to make sure that I’m living a faith-filled life.

But, why do I still engage with Christianity when it’s had so many ups and downs? What brings me back to it repeatedly? Here are four of the most intriguing and attractive parts of Christianity, in my opinion.

Christianity is simpler than it seems

Simplicity is something that too many of us don’t have and, because of that, you may be trying to figure out what it is that you need to do in order to have a simpler life. Christianity is just that – it encourages us to live simply and makes it so that we can feel confident in living a simple life that worships God in the best way possible.

Christianity connects us to the world around us

Many of us spend our lives feeling disconnected to our world – I know that I do. And, because of that, I feel like it’s really important to find ways to be connected with our world. Christianity is just one of the ways that we can be connected with the world around us, allowing us to get rid of that feeling of disconnection and making it easier for us to live our best lives, no matter what that looks like or how we may want to go through with making that sort of thing happen now and in the future, too.

Christianity allows us to be connected with each other

In today’s world, we’re divided from each other, which can be really stressful and cause some anxiety for many of us. But, like with many faiths, Christianity gives us a talking point. It gives us something that we can connect about and it makes it that much easier for us to work out what we need to be able to do here on this earth as well. That connection with one another is absolutely essential when it comes to our health and wellness.

Christianity encourages us to live our best lives

Living your best life looks different depending on who you are and what you believe. Because of that, you may be exploring a lot of different things that are involved in making that happen. More often than not, your faith should be something that encourages you to live better and be better to other people. While not all Christians are doing that nowadays, it makes it all the more important for the rest of us to be better to others.

There is so much to learn and, as time goes on, I feel like Christianity really is going to evolve into what it’s meant to be. Consider learning more about it and see what it can bring to the table for your life and your future, as well.

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