We are http://calvarybaptistsv.org. We care for your privacy as much as you do.

What We Collect

We collect certain information while you use our website. Whenever you browse our website or log into our website certain cookies are set in your computer. These cookies help with remembering data entered by you so that you do not need to enter them again the next time. These hold your session data and help in keeping track of your browsing activity on our site.

When you submit a comment or fill out the contact form we collect some data. The comment data is public so it is advised not to submit anything that can be used to track back to you. Contact form data is used to communicate with the sender and will not be used for other purposes.

Subscription form data will be used to communicate with the subscriber to get the latest news, info and posts.

What We Do With The Data

All data collected is used to improve performance and user interaction of the site. We use third party tools to analyze the data collected so that we can take necessary steps. We do not sell/rent/share your data with anyone that will contact you.